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Our story started a few years back in Brazil …

Paula Tura is an artist and author. Her books, performances and interviews are available at

Paula Tura Color - All Rights Reserved © Will Art Photography-5654

Paula writes and co-directs the stories and scripts of our corporate videos and documentaries; she assists with the design of the videos and curation of photographic images.

Wil Aguiar is the photographer, videographer and editor for all of our productions, he co-directs, shoots, films, and edits all the corporate, events, surfing and promotional video projects we work on together. He is a CASA credited and so able to pilot a drone and capture amazing images and footage from the sky. He is also known as Wil Aguiar Images.

All Rights Reserved © Will Art Photography-4277Paula and Wil joined their talents in 2011. Together they enjoyed telling their stories through videos and photos in (name of home town in Brazil), Brazil, and then in 2014 they arrived in Australia. Now Sunshine Coast, Queensland is the place they call home. They have two young children and value family life.

Their work covers a range of topics, including photos and videos of small businesses, homebirths, family life, pets, nature, sports, and the arts.

> Watch the SBS Portuguese Radio talking about the Gaia’s Daughters short documentary.

> Watch the ABC News Sunshine Coast talking about the Gaia’s Daughters short documentary.

> SBS Portuguese Radio Interview (Language in Portuguese and auto translation in English)

Part 1

Part 2