Magic Photographic Cube

Are you feeling bored of having only one picture frame at home or office?

The Wil Aguiar’s Cubes were created by Wil Aguiar and Paula Tura. They are the way to have fun at you space. Its gives to you a chance to having 6 different images what you could choose from. Just feel you mood.

You have 3 options: Having the Wil Aguiar’s Cube with his collection in colour or black and white; bring you own images in high resolution; or organise a session with Wil Aguiar Images to produce a new memorable images from the land, water and/or drone. If you are a surfer, I will do it, if you want a portrait, ok too I will do it, Do you want a family shot, I will do it as well.

Get in contact to know the prices for printing.

All images are copyright since 2018 by Wil Aguiar Images and Kou Kahe.